Uplift Treatment + Combination

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Nothing beats the combination of the  Vitamin “C” Serum and the Liquidlight Treatment Oil mixed together . The Serum acts as a vehicle to take the oil deep into the dermal layers of the skin, deeply nourishing and regenerating.

 Mix together equal parts of the Serum and Treatment Oil in the palm of your hand and a luscious double serum will form. Apply to damp skin and massage with gentle upward strokes to the entire décolletage area and face.



Apply this treatment every second day for the cooler months or whenever your skin feels dry and stretched.

 Read what others have to say –

“The products have been absolutely marvellous for my skin, especially in a dry climate. I love it, especially the Serum and the Treatment Oil mixed together” Greer Waters

“I have been using  Uplift Skincare for 18months and have noticed an improvement in the texture and reduced lines of my skin. I just love the combination of Liquidlight oil treatment combined with the Liquidlight Serum at night”. Dell Craig


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