Optimism – Frangipani and Clear Quartz auric mist spray


Optimism – Frangipani and Clear Quartz  magical aromatherapy mist.

Refreshes  and  strengthens  the  mind, uplifts  and revitalises body mind and spirit.

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Change the way you feel with an uplifting mist spray.

Magical aromatherapy combines specific blends of essential oils, flower essences and gem elixirs. Helps to balance the body, mind and spirit and cleanses the auric field.

This is a simple form of magic which focuses the mind and utilises the energies that are present within flowers and gemstones to reset our intention and manifest positive changes.

Use as a preventative measure to change your habits and boost your  intentions.

Spray generously in a circular motion above the crown of the head, as the mist falls all around you repeat your affirmation. Repeating the affirmation reinforces the effect of the mist spray.