Our Story

Uplift Skincare was created based on a love of plants and nature as medicine.

My grandmother was my greatest inspiration. An avid gardener and woman of the land she had a green thumb and could grow just about anything. Every plant had a use and I was a sponge for knowledge. Playing in the garden I was drawn to the perfumes of the roses, the texture of the apricots. I mixed up potions and left them to ferment in hidden corners of the garden and entrances to the house. I had an innate sense of what plants could be used for and an intuitive understanding and knowledge of plant lore.

As a young woman, I moved to the Tweed Valley in 1974 and inherited a garden with 140 species of herbs. There began a lifelong interest and thirst for knowledge of the power of herbs to heal. My childhood memories of concocting brews from plants came flooding back. I began experimenting  with making hair shampoos face creams and remedies for all sorts of ailments, which I tried on my family and anyone brave enough to try!

In the late 80’s when I studied Natural Therapies with the extraordinary teacher, Margo Spencer .  I learned the art of making ointments, salves and spagyrics herbal extracts. The world of Aromatherapy and Vibrational essences opened it’s doors to me.

Combining all these elements led to formulating my first skin care range in 1990 in a corner of the verandah of our home. I began selling at local markets my Lotions & Potions range of skincare.  Working with a Lismore cosmetic chemist allowed me to develop and improve the formulas and take to manufacturing standards. As my knowledge and experience grew the products evolved and became Goddess Skincare .

Timing is everything and life had other plans for  me when an opportunity to work with the world’s foremost plant based skincare company presented itself. Fast forward 13 years,  people emerged from the past seeking Goddess’s wonderful skincare products. Following a period of intensive research and development Uplift Skincare was created.

My mission statement became ‘To help women all over the world to look and feel beautiful’.

Years of listening to and learning from my customers as their skin therapist inspired me create Uplift Skincare. Plants as medicine being my passion, I set about creating products that contained the healing power of plants. My intention was to create skincare that was a synergy of  healing plant extracts, vibrational essences and scientifically proven high performing ingredients.

In keeping with my philosophy for all things natural Uplift Skincare primarily uses ingredients sourced from plants, with no animal products or testing . Each batch is prepared with love, mixed in small batches and using highly concentrated botanicals. Uplift Skincare delivers  a noticeable difference to the skin. Light, vibrant, nourishing textures  strengthen, nourish, and uplift the skin, the senses and the soul.