Uplift Skincare is a synergistic blend of concentrated botanical extracts, pure essential oils, potent plant anti oxidants and precious gem elixirs all fortified with alchemical spagyric extracts.


Rich in active ingredients, deeply nourishing and balancing, Uplift delivers results to all skin types.

Extracts of flowers, herbs, berries, nuts, fruits and gems are combined using methods that ensure the vital force and potency of the plant is retained.

The products envelope you in a soothing replenishing cocoon of light velvety textures, healing essences and divine aromas.

Benefits include, soft luminous skin ,improved tone and texture, diminished lines and wrinkles and clear healthy glowing skin.

The entire range of Uplift Skincare is potentised with the inclusion our Spagyric Extracts and Diamond Gem Elixir. Made to strict alchemic principles the inclusion of the Spagyric Extracts and the Diamond Gem Elixir magnifies the therapeutic effect of the other active ingredients. This is skincare that delivers tangible results and a unifying effect on Body Mind Spirit.

Uplift Skincare is a small multi-functional range suitable for all skin types.

Each batch is lovingly formulated and prepared to maintain the efficacy and energy of the plants to deliver to you immediate yet lasting results.

Locally formulated developed and produced you can be assured you are using safe skincare founded on ethical and sustainable practices. Contains no parabens, mineral oils, fillers, artificial colours, animal testing or derivatives.